Bespoke Barbecues / Fire pit

We have 2 “frontier stoves” which is a small, flat-topped, cast-iron stove which will provide heat for the communal kettles. This stove will continue to provide heat in the unlikely event that you should encounter rain over the weekend(!).

We ask that you do not have fires on the ground, this includes disposable BBQs as they damage the grass.

We have a number of small fire grates (measuring approximately 18 inches square) which serve as both a campfire and BBQ. The grill height is adjustable. The grill is large enough to cook a BBQ for four or five people. These may be hired for £10 / night.  As the grates are expensive we require a deposit of £55 payable on booking / collection of the grate and repayable when it is returned.  We also include a set of BBQ tools so you only needed to bring your own crockery and cutlery.  All fires must be kept a minimum of 2.5 metres away for any tent or other flammable material.

Logs are available.  These cost £7 per sack (including kindling, firelighters, matches and paper) and are delivered at various times each day.

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