Ablutions Trailer and other necessities

With our campsite being in an isolated field, we needed to have a mobile “toilet block”. For aesthetic and environmental reasons we chose not to use the chemical toilets that are often found on isolated sites. Instead we commissioned a purpose built trailer which has the appearance of a traditional livestock trailer.

The trailer has four rooms. There are three “sawdust toilets”. These have been popular in the USA for many years and they are environmentally-friendly.

As this is a weekends-only site it is expected that many campers will not wish to have a full warm bath until they return home. However, for those who would like a shower, the trailer has a shower compartment. Those who have been on safaris in Africa may be familiar with the “bucket shower”. Ours is designed along similar lines but uses a garden watering can instead. For hot water you have to heat up a kettle or two using the kettles on the wood-stove. The effort is believed to make the experience all the more rewarding!

The Yorkshire firm who produced the trailer came up with the term “ablutions trailer” and the old-fashioned name has stuck.

Covid-19 cleaning update – The ablutions trailer will be cleaned three times on Saturday and twice on Sunday with disinfectant.  In between these times we are providing disinfectant spray and paper towel to wipe down the area after use by guests.  We are also providing hand sanitiser for your use after ablutions.  You are welcome to bring your own ablutions equipment, such as a camping toilet and washing bowl to avoid you sharing any equipment.  Our local cesspits, however, will not take the chemicals from the portable toilet and so you will need to dispose of this yourself at home or another suitable location.

There is mains cold water to the site.

There is no electricity at the site, so remember to bring your torch!

There is no wifi at the site and the 4G signal will be dependant on your phone provider.

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