Campsite Rules (for detail see T&C’s)

We do not wish to be overly prescriptive but do ask that people show consideration for others by observing the following rules:

We are a tents only campsite – no campervans or vehicles are allowed on the camping field


We wish to minimise the presence of cars on the camping field.  Parking is available along the the farm track.  Please park there.  If the ground is dry, we do not object to people driving to their pitch in order to drop off their kit or to pick it up when they are ready to leave at the end of the weekend.  If the ground is wet, we suggest that you use one of our wheelbarrows to take your kit to your pitch.  Even four-wheel drives can get stuck on wet grass.  Once unloaded we ask you to park in the designated parking areas away form other campers.  This is not only more peaceful for all our guests, but also reduces any fire risk.


The site a minimum age limit of 21 years applies to anyone on the site.

Stag and Hen Parties

This is not the campsite for you if you want a party atmosphere.  We are striving for a fun, yet peaceful experience for all our guests.  So if peace and quiet is what your stag / hen is all about, you are more than welcome.


You may bring your dog but we do ask that it is kept under control at all times.  Any dog mess must be cleared up immediately.  If your dog becomes a nuisance we may have to ask you to keep it tied up while on the site.


Whatever rubbish you can take away with you please do so.  We supply bin bags for this purpose.  Any rubbish you cannot take away please put in the dustbins provided and separate out recyclables as directed on the bins.

Noise and amplified music

Please respect everyone’s right to a bit of peace and quiet.  We do not allow amplified music or drums (this includes noise from car stereos and mobile devices).  However, if you want to bring your acoustic guitar and strum away around a campfire, that’s fine.  Please no music or noise after 10.30 pm.


We provide logs for the Frontier Stoves and restock as necessary.  Please do not scavenge for firewood in the woodland on and around the farm.  We wish the woods to remain as natural and free from human interference as possible.  Bags of wood for BBQs / fire pits can be purchased from us for £7.00 a bag (including firelighters, matches and paper.)


You are not allowed to have campfires on the bare grass or earth, this includes disposable BBQs.  It would be a shame if the site were to become scarred with burnt patches.  Fires are, of course, allowed in suitable home brought BBQs / fire pits (that are raised off the ground) and the private BBQs / fire pits which are available for hire from Campfire Weekends.  These have ashcans which means that damage to the grass is minimised.  Any BBQ / fire pit must be used at least 2.5 metres away from any tent or other flammable item.

Fireworks, etc.

We do not allow fireworks or Chinese lanterns.  Lanterns, in particular, are a fire risk and are potentially very harmful to livestock as it can result in deaths.

Neighbouring fields

Please do not stray onto the fields around the campsite.  These are being farmed at all times.  There maybe grazing animals or hay crops being grown.  The fields are always left as you find them for a reason.  “Look but do not touch!” therefore applies.  There are plenty of good public footpaths and bridleways a very short distance away.

The Countryside Code

Please abide by the Countryside Code.

Health and Safety (Including Covid – 19), Fire and First Aid 

Campers camp on the site at their own risk and are expected to act in a responsible, respectful, reasonable, considerate and cautious manner.  All campers must respect the Government’s advice on social distancing in force at the time of their visit.  Our site is outside and it is understood therefore poses a lower risk of the transmission of Covid-19.  There are, however, some communal areas: the water-tap, the toilets, the shower and the cleaning area.  Disinfectant sprays are available in each of these areas with wipes.  You are asked to sanitise any communal area after use by spraying any surface touched and wiping with a paper towel, then throwing away or burning the paper towel.

Water buckets and a fire extinguisher are available in the event of an unwanted fire.

A basic first aid kit is also available for treating minor cuts, abrasions and burns, but it is limited and does not include any medications or equipment for any situations greater than a few very minor first aid needs.  Campers are expected to bring with them any medications that they many need.

Local first aid contacts are:

Crowborough War Memorial Hospital – Southview Road, Crowborough, TN6 1HB – 01892 652284

Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury – Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 4QJ – 01892 823535

Local Pharmacies – St Deny’s Pharmacy – 01892 852352 – 24 High St, Rotherfield, TN6 3LJ

Brook Health Centre – 01892 667 284 – Crowborough Hill, Jarvis Brook, Crowborough, TN6 2ED

Chappells Pharmacy – 01892 668457 – Saxonbury House Surgery, Croft Road, Crowborough, TN6 1DL

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