Campsite Rules

We do not wish to be overly prescriptive but do ask that people show consideration for others by observing the following rules:


We wish to minimise the presence of cars on the camping field.  Parking is available at the entrance off the farm track.  Please park there.  If the ground is dry, we do not object to people driving to their pitch in order to drop off their kit or to pick it up when they are ready to leave at the end of the weekend.  If the ground is wet, we suggest that you use one of our wheelbarrows to take your kit to your pitch.  Even four-wheel drives can get stuck on wet grass.



As we are an adult-only site a minimum age limit of 21 years applies to anyone on the site.



You may bring your dog but we do ask that it is kept under control at all times.  Any dog mess must be cleared up immediately.  If your dog becomes a nuisance we may have to ask you to keep it tied up while on the site.



Please put all rubbish in the dustbins provided.


Noise and amplified music

Please respect everyone’s right to a bit of peace and quiet.  We do not allow amplified music or drums.  However, if you want to bring your acoustic guitar and strum away around a campfire, that’s fine.

We also ask that if you use the track which runs past Green Hedges Hall (the white weatherboarded house next to our brick barn conversion) after 8pm you keep conversation to a whisper within a hundred yards either side of the house.  Sound can travel at night and we wish to remain on good terms with our neighbours.



We provide both communal logs and logs for private use.  The communal logs are there for everyone’s benefit.  They are marked with green stain on the sawn ends.  Please re-stock the communal campfire and the Frontier Stove as necessary.  However, we do ask that you don’t go overboard.  The wood does not grow on trees (we have to buy it in).  More importantly, we would not want the communal supplies to run out simply because one or two people have been wasteful earlier during the evening.

Please do not scavenge for firewood in the woodland on and around the farm.  We wish the woods to remain as natural and free from human interference as possible.



You are not allowed to have campfires on the bare grass or earth.  It would be a shame if the site were to become scarred with burnt patches.  Fires are, of course, allowed in the communal firepit and in the private grates which are available for hire.  These have ashcans which means that damage to the grass is minimised.


Fireworks, etc.

We do not allow fireworks or Chinese lanterns.  Lanterns, in particular, are a fire risk and are potentially very harmful to livestock (there have been cases of cattle eating the metal wire frames and dying in agony).


Neighbouring fields

Please do not stray onto the fields around the campsite.  Some do not belong to us.  Those that do are being farmed by a neighbouring farmer who grazes animals and grows a hay crop.  “Look but do not touch!” therefore applies.  The farm track which leads to the campsite is a public right of way and there are plenty of good public footpaths and bridleways a very short distance away.


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The Campfire Weekends Experience

  • Quiet - the camping field is in a quiet corner with fine views, and bordered by woods on two sides.
  • Campfires - bespoke log-burning BBQs may be hired.
  • Communal - we have a bespoke communal log-burning campfire fitted with three independent grills on which anyone is free to cook.
  • Relaxation - we have a number of pub garden-style bench/tables where people may gather to socialise, eat and drink or read the weekend papers.
  • Eco-friendly - our sanitation facilities are designed to minimise the impact on the environment.

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  • High Rocks - Acres of breathtaking sandstone rocks interlinked with eleven bridges, provide a scenic walk in a tranquil woodland setting.
  • Eridge Park - A large deer park with a number of footpaths which run through the park where one can find several lakes, some historic ice caves and more.
  • Nap Wood - A tranquil woodland oasis.
  • Spa Valley Steam Train - Take a journey through time along this classic English Branch Line.

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